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Nesting Season

Certain types of bird will choose to build their nest in a chimney rather than a tree. This can cause a nuisance to the householder, due to the noise and will be a significant hazard if the chimney is used.


Once a nest is established it is against the law to disturb it until the young have fledged. Therefore it is essential to discourage the birds before the nest is completed.


The removal of a nest can be a time consuming exercise, as it is not unusual to remove three bin bags of nesting material. Once the entire nest has been removed, a Smoke Test 2 (draw test) should be conducted to ensure the flue is clear. If in doubt a CCTV inspection should be undertaken to confirm all is in order.


It is important to note that just by removing the nest, the birds will not give up and move somewhere else. A pair of Jackdaws is more than capable of rebuilding a nest in less than a week, and you are back to square one.


To save all of the aggravation, a device can be fitted to prevent the birds accessing the chimney. If the chimney is not used it can be capped. This will not only stop the birds nesting but will also minimise heat loss from the chimney. For a working chimney there are many different options, from the simple wire balloon type guard, to a guard fitted with a weather vane. A slightly more expensive option than a simple bird guard is to fit a rain guard, this serves a dual role of preventing birds from nesting and minimising rain ingress in to the flue.


Please take a look at our products page for examples of available guards.

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